Celebrating 40 Years of Stitching Excellence with Helen M. Stevens and Pipers Silks

Celebrating 40 Years of Stitching Excellence with Helen M. Stevens and Pipers Silks

Celebrating 40 Years of stitching excellence with Helen M. Stevens and Pipers Silks

by Susan Peck, owner of Pipers Silks

For four decades, I've had the distinct privilege of being part of the incredible journey of renowned embroidery artist Helen M. Stevens. To commemorate this remarkable milestone, Helen has graciously opened her treasure trove of embroidery expertise by releasing two exclusive embroidery downloads that were previously only available to her students through workshops and lectures. Being both the owner of Pipers Silks and a close friend of Helen, I couldn't be prouder of this enduring partnership.

Masterclass Classic Samplers I: The Embroiderer's Countryside

Let's begin with the first instalment of Helen M. Stevens' Masterclass Classic Samplers series, "The Embroiderer's Countryside." This masterclass download is a testament to the enduring quality of Pipers Silks' Floss Silk, which Helen has cherished as her favourite thread for an impressive four decades.

The sampler featured in this collection is a labour of love that Helen first crafted in the late 1980s. It has since travelled the world with her, gracing classrooms and exhibitions. Now, for the first time, these vintage design sheets are available for embroidery enthusiasts everywhere.

These templates bear witness to the longevity of Pipers Silks' threads. In Helen's own words  "the colours remain as vibrant as they were in the days before the digital age." Helen's generosity extends to sharing her expertise, with each motif illustrated in detail, complete with working notes and anecdotes.

In a nod to her live classes, Helen has left the choice of colour to the individual stitcher. While she hasn't provided strict colour charts, she has suggested colours similar to those used in the originals. For the past 40 years, Pipers Silks has been a steadfast partner in ensuring that their Floss Silk threads match the original shades as closely as possible.

We are offering all the Floss Silks and 2/20 Fine Twisted Silks that you will need to embroider Sampler I at a discounted price.  If you wish to embroider just your favourites visit our Floss Silk colour charts where you can purchase the shades for each individual motif.

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For more information on Helen's 'vintage' Sampler downloads click on this link 

'Be sure to read our next Blog for information on the second Sampler'