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Spun Silk

Spun silks are made from pieces of cocoons that have been shed while preparing the original continuous filament yarns at the beginning of the silk thread process.  The small fibre pieces are brushed and twisted together to form a thread, as in cotton spinning.

However, it has a smooth, silky texture and a matt sheen and is undoubtedly a superb silk thread.

Spun Silks can be used for bobbin lacemaking, general sewing/needlework, Blackwork, counted cross-stitch work and machine knitting; they will produce a soft, muted effect.

The middle-sized spun silks, 100/3 and 80/3, can be used for Torchon lace and Milanese, whilst the finer silks are suitable for Bucks.  The very fine 210/2 Spun Silk has also been used for Honiton.

An alternative gimp thread for lace can be constructed by ply-ing the required number of strands of the finer spun silks. This option is handy if your favourite shade is unavailable in one of the ready-made gimp silks.

The 210/2, 140/2 and 80/3 spun silks have an excellent colour range if you wish to add colour to your lace work. 

Twisted silks, spun or gloss, ranging from around 270 denier (Pipers 100/3 Spun Silk) to the Medium/Thick Gimps, are suitable for Needle Lace.

Spun Silks do not have the glorious lustre of the Floss and Gloss Silks. However, they take their place in the range of silks when a matt sheen is required, as they can create a softer look to coloured pieces of lace or embroidery when worked on their own or with floss and gloss silks.

140/2 Spun Silk is available in silk packs consisting of 5 shades.

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