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Silk Gimp

Pipers SILK GIMPS range from fine 300 denier to thick 1,200 denier in size and are used extensively in lace, for buttonhole threads and tatting.

Buttonhole gimps start at 80/3 for Fine Gimp up to 40/3 Thick Gimp and 30/3 Thick Gimp.  However, the 480 Silk Gimp and 90/9 Thick Gimp are less suitable silks for buttonholes due to their structure.

Gimp silks are popular silks for jewellery designers and for pearl stringing.

To find which size you require for your project, open the Thread Comparison Chart, simply look down the ‘Approximate Yarn Comparison’ column to find the thread suggested in your pattern to then identify the gimp size in our silk range. The finer silk gimps are suitable as course threads for Honiton lace designs.